NEBS Testing Requirements For Those In Telecoms Industry

NEBS is the acronym applied to a network equipment building system. If you are entering the telecoms industry as a professional contributor then you need to be exposed to nebs testing. It is a standard industry requirement for your telecoms equipment to be tested out to ensure the network integrity and the system’s ability to operate systematically and continuously. Industry standards are responding to the Telcordia GR 1089 CORE and GR 63 CORE.

Provided they are entering into testing agreements with professional service providers, individual requirements of commercial consumers will be addressed. The scope of testing services covers the GR 1089 CORE. The GR 63 CORE is also addressed. The testing regime also covers EMI emissions and immunity. Protection against lightning and AC power faults are secured. So too, protection against earthquakes. Equipment is tested for its ability to ward off corrosion. If corrosion has already been detected, it needs no reminding, it must be removed.

Electrical safety must be secured as well. Fire resistance must be proofed in too. DC power requirements are addressed. Bonding and grounding work done, telecoms equipment can also be tested for its ability to handle altitude. NEBS testing, for those entering a business environment for the first time, with telecoms installations as a prominent feature or tool of trade for the business, is not a once-off effort.

nebs testing

It is ongoing. Your NEBS testing associates will accordingly advise when a next scheduling event should take place. Look at the whole matter brightly. It will be saving your business. All potential dangers and damages are warded off and you will never need to be faced with the financial consequences that hard-core repair and maintenance work would usually entail. And your business thrives because all your equipment is in good working order.